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Israel vows to continue gaza assault on Gaza Strip in face of new UN resolution”

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Israel vow바카라사이트s to continue gaza assault on Gaza Strip in face of new UN resolution”

10:35 – Palestinian Authority urges UN to condemn Israeli actions in Gaza

10:32 – Israel’s Defense Ministry dismisses claims by Hamas that it has ordered ground troops to attack Israeli civilians in areas controlled by Islamic Jihad

10:30 – The Prime Minister speaks to the media after the Prime Minister and Defense Minister met with IDF Gen. Avigdor Lieberman

10:20 – The Hamas chief has dismissed the PA’s demand for ceasefires between Israel and Gaza

10:19 – Israeli strikes hit four locations across Gaza Strip

10:15 – According to the Hamas official Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Israel attacked Palestinian structures during Operation Protective Edge

바카라사이트10:11 – Israel’s prime minister addresses Israel’s parlia더킹카지노ment and calls for calm

10:00 – A Hamas spokesman says his group will try to hit Israel’s southern border, near the Gaza Strip border, after Israel resumed launching attacks against the Gaza Strip

9:58 – The Israeli military said three additional soldiers were killed and two more were wounded in air strikes on Gaza.

9:57 – An Israeli air force official confirmed that two Israeli soldiers were killed and five others were wounded when their jets hit a suspected rocket launch site in southern Israel

9:56 – A Palestinian official said Israel hit homes in the northern Gaza Strip, where five children were allegedly killed by an Israeli air strike

9:53 – The army says it has destroyed three Hamas tunnel entrances in Khan Younis and Ashkelon

9:53 – The UN Security Council declared a humanitarian emergency and closed its meeting over Israel’s latest rocket barrage

9:43 – The United Nations has decided to impose “immediate” and “structural” sanctions against Israel, the office of spokesman Martin Nesirky told Israel’s Maariv newspaper. The council also demanded that it immediately suspend all Israeli construction in Gaza and that it immediately halt all new settlement construction in occupied territories, he said.

9:38 – There are reports of at least one Israeli missile strike in northern Gaza that damaged a residential house, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces said.

9:34 – A rocket was fired towards Israel by Gaza militants. An Israeli military spokeswoman said the rocket was fired on Israel from the south

9:32 – The Israeli air force said there were no reports of casualties or injuries after an air raid overnight on the Gaza Stri