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Former top lifesaver jailed for child abuse

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Former top lifesaver jailed for child abuse

He pleaded guilty to raping the boy on three occasions and one each time with the daughter of another man

Prosecutor: ‘This man sexually abused a young boy’

A man pleaded guilty today to raping a 12-year-old boy, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, leaving him for dead for days and forcing him to have sex with a’man in a coat’.

Mark Pardew, 48, of Basingstoke, was sentenced at Bamberley Crown Court in Manchester, on Monday to six years in jail and three years of supervision.

He was also found guilty of assaulting the boy by grabbing him by the shirt and repeatedly pressing him against the wall in October 2014.

The boy’s mother was said to have been so traumatised by the abuse that she asked Pardew to take her daughter away. She was 더킹카지노left alone with Pardew on that occasion, who was wearing nothing but an Adidas jacket and jeans.

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Mark Pardew, 48, of Basingstoke, who pleaded guilty to raping a 12-year-old boy, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, was jailed for six years this afternoon. Pictured with wife Catherine (left), and children Matthew and Elsie

On the fourth day of his release, Pardew was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court to two years in prison and four years of supervision.

On Monday, he was told he would be allowed to go free in December. It is understood the judge has spoke바카라n to Pardew, who now works as an accountant in Bamberley.

The boy, described by his lawyer as ‘the innocent victim’, said the abuse involved touching, biting, slapping, hitting and strangulation.

He said: ‘The boys have been told if we do not come forward we will all be in prison and that it will hurt them the most.’

The prosecution said that during the incident, Pardew was found to have consumed a huge bottle of vodka, a double shot of whisky and three shots of vodka-flavored ale 더킹카지노– two each of which he took.

He also said he was to have had a’shocking amount of alcohol on the day of the attack’ and that he’must have had a double heart attack’ when he collapsed.

Judge Patrick Brown ordered that Pardew’s victims not ‘hear any more about the event or their abuse’.

He added: